Wednesday, July 21, 2010

the witches

  • the witches is a really a good book just when you start it, you never wants to finish it. roald dahl always to me describes his book as non-fiction. I think that is really'll love it if you read it!


  1. I'm glad you like The Witches! It was probably my favorite book as a kid. You should watch the movie sometime if you haven't seen it already, it's pretty good too :)

  2. Your dad - I presume - over at Vault of Horror said on his blog to visit your blog so as a Liverpudlian English dad of a 14 year old daughter I just had to obey.

    I've never read The Witches book - seen the movie two, maybe three times - but I know what you mean about wanting a book you really love to never finish.

    I was like that with Gorky Park by Martin Cruz Smith: I suddenly realised I was down to the last few pages and tried to read them one page a day just to make it last that bit longer but in the end I couldn't resist reading the remainder all in one go.

    Ah, reading heaven...but then I felt really sad because I'd never be able to experience the joy of reading it for the first time ever again.

  3. Thanks for your thoughtful comment! You really should read the original Witches book!


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