Thursday, August 5, 2010

fancy and great books

Fancy books are great, but sometimes all you need is a regular book.

Here are some books that are fancy, but can be in regular copies:
  1. moby dick
  2. huckleberry finn
  3. 20 thousand leagues under the sea
  4. dracula
  5. war and peace
  6. frankenstein
  7. dr. jekyll and mr. hyde


  1. i read moby dick when i was in college and it was the hardest book i EVER read! :]

  2. well then i know i can not read it either

  3. Funnily enough, Zombelina, while I know what cinderelly means about it being hard to read, I still love Moby Dick, and it's definitely my favourite by a mile out of the list you give.

    It's a strange moody kind of book, a bit like a dream that's almost but not quite a nightmare, very atmospheric and makes you feel like you're really back in the times the story's set.

    It seems to me the book and film Jaws is based on it, but set in more modern times with a shark instead of a whale.

    I don't know whether someone's done this yet, but someone ought to do a version with all the fiddly clever-clever 'literary' bits that aren't really to do with the main story and maybe more people'd read it then.


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